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Wireless infrared detector PIR-100BT for motion detection for Pandora alarm systems.

Ideal for securing large areas, such as in a motorhome or its loading spaces, as well as loading areas of vans, trucks and craftsmen's buses or even trailers. An awning on a motorhome, for example, can also be perfectly protected against unwanted visitors.

Of course, the modern sensor can also reliably monitor small areas.

The Pandora PIR-100BT motion detector sensor is triggered as soon as someone enters the protected area. Modern infrared technology registers heat fields generated by moving objects.

The monitoring area does not go through windows or plexiglass/plastic. However, if a window is open and someone reaches into it, an alarm is triggered.

An auxiliary heater is not a problem because no additional movement is generated. The PIR-100BT motion detector is a professional, modern extension to all Pandora alarm systems. Thanks to wireless Bluetooth technology, there is no need to run a cable from the sensor to the alarm system. Thanks to its small and lightweight design, the motion detector can be installed discreetly and inconspicuously even in the smallest installation locations. It can either be glued or screwed using a holding plate.

A tamper contact detects whether the motion detector has been removed from its mounting plate.

Dimensions: 55 x 21 mm
Detection area angle: 120°
Detection area cone: diameter 6.50m at 2.50 mounting height
Detection area frontal range: 10m
Ambient temperature: -10° … +40° C
Battery: CR123A / 3 volts

Pandora Bluetooth Motion Sensor PIR-100BTM With DMS

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